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Borrow - Loan Company Website Template
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About Navodit foundation

Navodit foundation is committed to promoting livelihoods for Navodit foundation members. The livelihood approach considers the “household” as an economic unit. It also takes into account that families have a livelihood strategy which differs from family to family and which comprises several activities. Sustainable poverty reduction can be achieved through the promotion of livelihood strategies. Navodit foundation,our promoting organization has taken many initiatives to upgrade the skills of Navodit foundation members to enable them to undertake livelihood activities.Navodit foundation aims to make financially self-sustainable. We use systematic processes, technology and training to help ensure we offer quality service to our borrowers.

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Navodit foundation has set itself a mission to "identify and motivate poor people in a cost-effective way and deliver them micro finance services in an honest, timely and efficient manner."

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To provide financial services to poor people's institutions,mainly Self Help Affinity Group(SAGs) and watershed Management Associations,organized by NGOs and other institutions ,who have demonstrated a degree of maturity and sustainability with respect to regularity in savings..

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Vision- To be a catalyst for the socio- economic upliftment of 1 million households by year 2025 .
विजन- वर्ष 2025 तक 10 लाख परिवारों के सामाजिक-आर्थिक उत्थान के लिए उत्प्रेरक बनना.

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  • To work with the poor and to make them bankable
  • To reinforce their efforts to rise and remain above the poverty line
  • To provide need – based Credit in Rural area to Self Help Groups with the support of NGOs and Govt.

Why Choose Us

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FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT TO PROVIDER The Loans are sanctioned for supporting the members for undertaking Income Generating activities.

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Our commitment to every client is so strong that we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee to ensure each client receives the expected value from our services.

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Our goal is to deliver exceptional service to our clients. We continue to explore new ways to deliver the highest level of service, integrity and personal care.

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Loan is repayable by weekly, fornightly & monthly installments at the choice of the borrower.

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Inspired by many success stories of microfinance, Sonata has taken various initiatives to improve the quality of life of our Clients.

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Mary O. Randle

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Lindo E. Olson

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